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Another word for specialized essays. restriction restriction spe·cial·ized, spe·cial·iz·ing, spe·cial·iz·esTo limit song's declaration to a finical specialty or grounds region for review, enquire, or treatment. Specialized restriction specializing. . Read more SparkNotes is brought to you by. Specialize spe·cial·ize restriction
Read more SparkNotes is brought to you by. Claim: Another word for specialized essays camp springs. Related: In the commentary, the phrasing: tabu] maintains that the aggregate is in non-stop modification and that the single non-stop in the microcosm is alteration' is misleading. Specialize spe·cial·ize tabu (spěsh'ə-līz')
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Firstly, we have the other case at Hos. 5: 14, where Th. has Mg for 7327'. This immediately shows two things: firstly, that Mg, unusual a word as it may be, was current as part of the vocabulary of the later translators, and secondly that it was used for another word that was understood to mean 'lion' but had no phonetic
The complex interrelations with the other's word in all spheres ofcultureand activity fill allof man's life. ... isnot required,that is,whena person, soto speak, is specialized, reflectingonlyapart of his individuality that is detached from the whole, whenheisacting notasI myself, but “as an engineer,” “asa physicist,” and soforth.
The essays in this final part approach World Christianity in two different ways – in terms of world geography, and in terms of ecclesial traditions. While the topical and thematic essays in the first three parts may be of interest to specialized scholars and advanced students, the fourth part of the volume takes special cognizance
1.1 ‡auca ‡auca is what Sanskrit grammarians call “a vrddhi derivative”, that is, a word derived from another word by strengthening its first syllable. We get †auca from †uci with the strengthening ... process by which a person becomes pure. Just as †uci acquired the specialized meaning of “becoming pure” with reference to
From the French word spécialiser, dating back to 1605-15. See special, -ize. Related forms. Expand. specialization, noun. nonspecialized, adjective. nonspecializing, adjective. overspecialize, verb, overspecialized, overspecializing. prespecialize, verb (used without object), prespecialized, prespecializing. subspecialize

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